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Jan 12, 2018

Denver Gingerich is developing an open source cellular network named Sopranica. The JMP component of gives users a real phone number that can send and receive calls and text and picture messages over the Internet, using the client software of your choice. For example, text and picture message are sent with an XMPP client.

One popular XMPP app is Conversations (above right), which offers three encryption options for messages, including PGP. For voice communication, a SIP client can be used with JMP, which provides phone numbers to anonymous requesters. The SIP app above at left is Zoiper. (Zoiper was a VUC guest a few weeks ago.)

The assigned phone number, with a one month free trial, is used with the SIP client, again chosen by the user, to make and receive calls, while the XMPP client is used for text and picture messages. The most interesting element of will be the radio that sets up an actual private network – this component is called WOM, and will allow you to use JMP even when outside wifi or cellular coverage, thanks to community-run gateway nodes.

Watch the video here.