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Apr 13, 2018

This week’s Vision comes from Emil Ivov, who received a Ph.D. degree while in the Network Research Team at the University of Strasbourg, France.  Emil is well-known for Jitsi (formerly SIP Communicator), as well as other open source projects, such as and (less actively in) others.

In 2015, Atlassian acquired Blue Jimp, the mastermind team behind the Jitsi community. This is a quote from their news post:

“Jitsi is an open source project that includes the WebRTC Jitsi Videobridge, among other technologies. The Jitsi Videobridge relays video rather than mixing it which provides improved scale with higher quality and lower latency. These are very good things.”

Emil shared his longtime battle with being overweight and how he lost 30% of his weight. Randy wrote a book, Real Men Stay Fit: 101+ Simple Tips available at most Amazon stores