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Jan 19, 2018

Key points: Open Architecture Video Platform Streaming 4K @ 30 uFPS - 1080 @60 uFPS

Rich tells us they're in the final days of production engineering. The first panel build, color substitution and auto function parameter control, SFP+ modules all loom close. Presale is now open.

I wanted to add some detail so this becomes more than just a stub post, but an actual reference to generate questions, perhaps.

SFP+ Modules
At the foundation of SUB2r is the ability to configure the camera in as many ways as possible.  The most recent addition has been, removing the RJ45 Ethernet connector for an network SFP+ cage.  This allows the user to pick a hot swappable module and select SDI, HDMI, GigE, Optical as secondary outputs.

Color Substitution
Mention green screen and you elicit a painful rolling of the eyes and an audible groan.  They can be expensive, hard to evenly light and hog the CPU.  Because SUB2r has control over the color space, Igor derived a way to perform on camera color substitution.  Basically taking any background range of color and replacing it with anything else, in this case a pure RGB green.  They developed the algorithm, wrote the code, updated and debugged the firmware, wrote and debugged the UI in less than 2 weeks with 1 coder and 1 hardware engineer - part time.  The team live streamed at TwitchCon, turning almost any background into perfect green screens.