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Jun 8, 2018

Dan Jenkins joins to give a complete review of CommCon, June 25th in the UK. We also chat about the new expanded list of routers affected by the biggest botnet in history.

Commcon is the first UK-based conference for the RTC community (and the second in Europe). It’s a conference run by the community itself, which means that everyone is equal and no one is given any special treatment over their fellow delegates.

CommCon will be a little different to the conferences you’re used to attending; it will be a bringing together of the best RTC minds from all over the world in one residential setting in the English countryside near Gatwick airport – the first residential conference of its kind in the Open-Source RTC community. You’ll have the opportunity to meet with colleagues, friends and peers, as well as making new connections with people in the industry, in an inclusive, collaborative and friendly environment.