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Jan 11, 2019

Diaspora, opened in 2010, is a nonprofit, user-owned, distributed social network that is based upon the free Diaspora software. Diaspora consists of a group of independently owned nodes (called pods) which interoperate to form the network. The Diaspora social network is constructed of a network of nodes, or pods, hosted by many different individuals and institutions. Each node operates a copy of the Diaspora software acting as a personal web server. Users of the network can host a pod on their own server or create an account on any existing pod of their choice, and from that pod can interact with other users on all other pods.

Join us on VUC Mastodon or Diaspora


Kamailio World
Interview with Mastodon's creator, Eugen

Participate during the VUC conference:

Listen to live audio: You can text to ask questions.
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Thanks to Voxbone and ZipDX for the use of their services.